Wasp busters

Who you going to call…that’s right, Adelaide’s wasp busters! 

Greens Environmental Pest Services have developed a specialised program; Wasp busters. Our program can track and eradicate European Wasp nests in your Adelaide or Adelaide Hills; home and business.

Give your business the green light from wasps.

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Why wasps are a pest!

Unlike a bee, which can only sting once, the European wasp can sting repeatedly. European wasp can interfere with your family’s leisure and can be very dangerous to human health.

The European wasp, Vespula Germanica, is an established pest in Australia. This non-native wasp was first found in Australia in 1959. South Australia, like other states, has been infested by European Wasps since 1978.

European Wasps conceal their nests very well. It is often hard to find and sometimes takes a trained eye to help discover where the nests are located. 

European wasp fly in a straight line, from feeding on the food source to their nest. Unfortunately, they are quick and translucent to the environment.

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