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Greens Environmental Pest Services is a proud South Australian, second generation, family owned and managed Adelaide Pest Control business. With over 50 years of experience, we provide our skills and expertise to prevent, resolve and manage pest issues in your home or business. You can be assured of our integrity, knowledge and professionalism, which is supported by our use of the latest technologies, innovative best practices, environmental solutions and safe applications.

Unique programs for your business

We pride ourselves on the development of specialised programs tailored for businesses. Our Mother Earth Program
is chemical free, using only organic products and focused on the relocation of pests to their natural environment. While our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program is exclusively for the South Australian food industry and aligned to standards.

Adelaide Termite experts

Greens Environmental Pest Services are experienced experts in termite detection and reporting, utilising the latest and most recognised electronic technologies to identify and eliminate termites in your home. Our services include inspection reports, pre-construction barriers, and our eco-friendly interception and baiting systems.

Your food pest experts

To ensure compliance and the protection of your food from an invasion of pests, we have developed a program unique to South Australian food businesses; the Greens Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Program which works in combination with your businesses manufacturing practices, and compliance with all applicable Australian food standards.

Servicing a wide range of pests

We specialise in a wide range of pests including termites, ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, bees, rodents and of course termites across Adelaide and South Australia. Our services include termite management (inspection reports, pre-construction barriers, and our eco-friendly interception and baiting systems), integrated pest management programs, and the control or removal of pests.

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