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Rats and mice, or rodents can cause serious health issues and severe damage if ignored. They hide in dark places and come out when no one is around, predominantly at night-time. Rodent’s bite, chew and shred anything they can use for nesting material, spread diseases, contaminate food and even target electrical wiring. They are well adapted to living in very close association with humans, sharing their food and shelter.

The rodents that are of great concern in South Australia are:

  • Norwegian rat – largest of the 3 species with small ears, a blunt nose and its tail shorter than its body. Greyish brown on their back and pale grey on the stomach.
  • Roof rat – They are grey in colour, with a slender body, large thin hairless ears and a pointed nose. Their tail is always longer than their body.
  • House mouse or field mouse.

How Greens can help you

Prevention for rodents can be as simple as eliminating their food source and ability to nest.

Our qualified Serviceman targets the roof area first to check where there might be entry points and then all other suspected areas which allow entry for rodents. It is necessary to treat the roof with good quality rodent control products. We also use lockable (pet-proof) bait stations that we strategically set for best results.

If you are looking for a bait free option we can come out to you and provide you with an audit highlighting changes that can be made to help prevent further infestation.

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