Single Property and Street Deals

We treat all sorts of pests and can provide you with information about your specific pest problem on request.

For all sorts of Pest Control & Extermination Services, you can be sure that Greens Pest Services goes above and beyond to offer affordable pest management services that’s suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Chances are that if you have pests, so do your neighbors. Treating the pests in your house or property will make the problem go away for a short time, but the most effective solution is to treat all the pests in your street at the same time.

Special discounts are available for all participates in street deals. All pest management programs are designed to industry best practice and environmental standards.

DIY Systems

Do it yourself systems can now be purchased from Greens Environmental Pest Services.

Receive expert advice and training from experienced pest managers who will guide you through the steps:
Inspecting yours property for pests

  • Identify pest activity
  • Find the source of pest infestations
  • Modify the environment to reduce pest attack
  • Structure the pest control plans to follow
  • Implement the pest control plan
  • Monitor, review & where necessary, improve the control plan
  • Continually record & document

DIY Termite Baiting

Contact Mark for details about DIY systems for termite baiting stations and termite control.

This innovate, new system allows you to monitor the termite activity yourself and treat the termites as needed.

Backed up by our support and attendance on site as needed, plus an annual inspection, this system gives you both control and peace of mind.

On- Line training also available.

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