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Both the Brushtail and the Ringtail possums are nocturnal creatures, creating disturbance during the evening and early hours of the morning. Signs that you have a possum or possums in the roof are heavy bangs on the ceiling at night as they run around, hissing and coughing noises coming from your roof, or stains on your ceiling with a strong ammonia smell caused by their urine.

They will chew the timber or any other materials around gaps that may be a bit small to create a larger entry point into the roof void. In some cases they will even manoeuvre tiles find a way in. Urination and scent marking is used to attract mates and establish their territory.

Brushtail possums are about the size of a cat, with bushy black tails, thick grey fur and large ears, while ringtails are also grey, but are smaller, with small ears, and skinny, white-tipped tails.

How Greens can help you

Our qualified Technician will carry out a full inspection of the roof space (where accessible) and exterior perimeter to identify a plan to either trap and remove the possum or alternative methods including nesting boxes, proofing (where possible) and limiting access.

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