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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects found all over the world that feed on human blood. They are nocturnal parasites that hide in bedding and on mattresses where they have access to a source of food. Signs to look out for are blood stains on the bed sheets, clothes and pillows, small sesame seed-sized critters hiding in the fabric of your clothes or bed sheets or faeces of bed bugs on the mattress or bed sheets (these are dark brown in colour).

Bed bugs have the ability to survive up to a year without the support of any host so early detection and treatment are critical to successful control.

Bites can be extremely itchy. Welts often develop a few days after being bitten and some people may suffer from an allergic reaction.

How Greens can help you

The first step to successfully treating bedbugs is to have an expert identify that it is bedbugs and inspect the affected area.  Our experts will make very specific hygiene recommendations to help avoid their return and undertake a full treatment of the affected area such as bedding, mattress, curtains, carpets, skirtings and spray/mist treat entire area.  It is also important to understand the egg cycle of a bedbug as a follow up treatment will be necessary to break the life cycle.

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