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Greens Residential Pest Control

With over 50 years of experience managing and preventing pests from homes across Adelaide and South Australia, Greens Environmental Pest Control has developed a pest control system that has maximum impact on any insect species – without harming your family or the environment.

Greens GMP Pest Programs & Services

Greens offers a GMP pest program that understands the five food standards applicable to the South Australian food industry and our program is designed to be a risk management program that protects our food produce and businesses.

Timber & Other Pests

We treat and control all sorts of pests across Adelaide and South Australia, and can provide you with information about your specific pest problem on request. From mice to borers to even fleas, our safe and environmentally friendly pest management will take care of your pest problems.

Adelaide Termite experts

Greens Environmental Pest Services are experienced experts in termite detection and reporting. Our Directors have over 25 years experience each in Adelaide Pest Control services and utilise the latest and most recognised electronic technologies to identify and eliminate termites in your home.