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Timber Pests

Timber pests by their very nature are secretive and difficult to locate, whether in a building or in nature.

There are three main groups of timber pests:

  1. termites;
  2. borers, whose larvae live and feed within timber; and
  3. decay.

Most timber pests feed mainly within timbers and leave little surface sign of their presence. When surface signs do exist they are often subtle.

Eaten timbers may only have a slightly changed surface appearance, such as when termites eat right up to the paint layer, causing minor ripples, but the damage being done to the structural timbers of your home can be devastating.

More Information about Timber Pests

What to do if you find termites

If a person discovers termites they should take the following steps:

  1. Leave the infested area alone and undamaged; this includes the mud tunnels termites will build over materials like brick and concrete through which they cannot tunnel;
  2. Barricade the area of infestation to prevent entry;
  3. Immediately contact a Greens Pest Manager (08 8349 7777) to attend the site, we specialise in termite work; and
  4. Understand the implications of, and agree with the Pest Manager on the termite management program to be implemented.

Several options can be used to manage termites including baiting and application of Termiticides.

Eradication without the use of chemicals is not possible although there are options (such as baiting) where the chemical is applied in a well controlled and selected manner.

Greens interception & baiting system (eco-friendly)

Greens interception and baiting systems bring sophisticated modern interception monitoring and baiting systems to the South Australian public. Eco friendly baiting systems bring the best science, modern technologies and safety awareness to your property.

The eco friendly baiting system is non invasive and is safe for your family and the environment.

Where a termite-baiting program is recommended a suitable number of termite bait stations will be installed in the grounds of the property.

These must be left undisturbed and will be checked by us on a routine basis.

The eco friendly system apply the world award winning Sentricon AlwaysActive termite baits to ensure industry best practice is met.

Termite inspection report

Termite inspection reports should be completed annually as a minimum.

Greens Environmental Pest Services are South Australian’s expert in termite detection and reporting.

Greens pest managers have over 25 years experience each and utilise the latest and greatest electronic technologies.

All reports are PC generated by our industry experts and outline industry best standards and Australian standards.

Have peace of mind – book a termite inspection report with Greens Environmental Pest Services experts today.

Termite pest pre-purchase property inspections

Timber pests are destructive and it is essential to know what you are purchasing. As a purchaser of a property it is essential to understand any limitations of the property.

Greens Environmental Pest Services specializes in Prior to Purchase Timber Pest Reports.

Book Greens Environmental Pest Services today.

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