“The Mother Earth Pest Program”

Green’s elite pest managers have released their specialist’s non-chemical pest management program “The Mother Earth Pest Program” in Adelaide.

The Mother Earth Pest Program encompasses the latest environmental, organic and best pest management practices to ensure a non-chemical environmental around your property.

With society’s increasing sensitivity to pesticides application and Greens ongoing commitment to smart environmental procedures.

Greens Environment Director works closely with The Environment Protection Authority, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources SA, Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure, Natural Resources South Australia and local councils to ensure all control measures are undertaken in compliance with legislation and with minimal impact on the environment.

Greens specialist technicians approach are humane and ‘caring’ professionals and will provide and develop the best protocol for non-chemical treatment but also involve the client in making decisions for the best options of pest control.

Greens Mother Earth Program is your caring pest management program.

Details Greens Mother Earth Program 

Non-chemical treatments for any of the following pests

  • rats and mice
  • termites
  • black ants
  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • fleas
  • bees
  • wasps
  • possums
  • birds
  • mosquitoes
  • flies

Greens Relocation and Environmental Adaptation Services

Greens Mother Earth Program includes innovative strategies including fauna relocation and environmental adaption services.

Special environmental adaption programs are created to protect, maintain, improve and restore ecosystems, habitats, species and populations by developing nature conservation policies and programs.

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Mother Earth’s Program vision for future biodiversity conservation and management in South Australia, includes Green South Australia Group.

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