Termites & Borers

Potential Damage

Termites or Borers (common house) are pests of major economic importance in Australia. With Australian houses getting older the damage to timber accumulates and with these attacks the timber becomes progressively weaker. It is not uncommon for weather boards, floorboards, joists and other structural timbers to need replacing due to weakness caused by borer. The borer larvae create holes and labyrinths which allows water to penetrate many timbers and increases rot by fungi.

Borer larvae (woodworm), spend after 2 – 4 years tunneling inside the wood and will then exit as the adult beetle via a round hole 1 – 2mm in diameter. The now adult borer emerge in order to breed, will not eat any more timber and will die within 3 – 4 weeks.

Damaging Borers

The Anobium Borer (furniture beetle) and Queensland Pine Borers are the more serious Australian borers that attack softwoods, especially varieties of pine. Anobiids are widespread throughout Australia. The Anobium punctatum species especially loves Baltic pine, occasionally used for floorboards and weatherboards. Anobiids tend to channel along the grain of the wood, making 2mm pinholes and leaving large quantities of loose gritty dust with a texture of fine table salt. They are capable of eating for years. Be suspicious if your floorboards get spongy as this is a common area for them to attack. You will probably first notice the floor feeling spongy at one end of a large room (like the living room) because a big floor area will deflect more noticeably. Also be aware that second hand or antique furniture and old floorboards may contain borers so examine them well before introducing them into the house.

Anobiid damage must be attended to. Remove all borer-infested timbers and replace them with non-susceptible timbers. Borers thrive in damp conditions so reduce sub-floor humidity by removing debris, cleaning out vents and draining damp soil where necessary.

In some cases Anobiid-infested timbers need chemical treatment. Contact us to discuss the most effective and safest options.

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